What's Crystal Mosaic?

  Crystal Mosaic by Irodory

Irodory defines Crystal Mosaic as any mosaic or mosaic design created with the highest quality European Crystal glasses.
If you send us your data; a photo, design, or painting, we will create a one-of-a-kind, high-quality crystal mosaic.

  Two types of products & Commitment to quality

There are two types of products.

  • Crystal Mosaic  : Final product made by machine
  • Crystal Mosaic handmade kit  : Self-made kit to create your own using
    1. The variety and number of Crystal glasses required for production,
    2. Base (Clear acrylic plate),
    3. Array drawing
    note) The Crystal Mosaic handmade Kit is designed for use with a small number of Crystal glasses.

    Crystal Mosaic

In addition to the highest quality European Crystal glasses, our machine-produced crystal mosaic focuses on the quality of the production (alignment accuracy).

  • The machine uses computer-generated data to arrange Crystal glasses one by one.
  • High-precision alignment (0.1 mm error) is possible by machine production.
  • The size of the array at one time is about A4, but it can be combined to produce any size you desire.
  • The shape of crystal mosaic can be cut into the shape of the object as well as the square. For example, if it is a person, it is possible to cut out the background of the person.
  • Crystal Mosaic is created by attaching Crystal glasses to an acrylic plate using double-sided adhesive sheets.
    note) Please contact us if you want to attach it to a non-acrylic plate.
  • Double-sided adhesive sheets with excellent weather resistance and strong adhesion are custom-ordered.
  • See the figure below.
    When crystals are laid out in a grid pattern, gaps are created as shown in the  light blue area  due to the circular bottom surface. As the entire surface of the adhesive sheet is sticky, when the sheet is attached to the surface, it remains sticky on the gaps and causes dust to adhere to the gap.
    Irodory uses a laser to cut the gaps between the two-sided adhesive sheets in advance to remove the factors that cause dust to adhere to the adhesive surface.

    Crystal Mosaic handmade kit

Our handmade handmade kits are for those who want to make their own. We can offer a lower price than machine production while still focusing on quality.

  • Irodory uses a laser to cut circular indentations where Crystal glasses are to be placed in advance. This allows you to arrange them with the same high precision as if they were made by machine.
  • Acrylic sheets to which Crystal glasses are applied can be cut into squares as well as into the shape of an object. For example, a chameleon can be cut into the shape of a chameleon.
  • The product consists of the following three components.
      1. The variety and number of Crystal glasses required for production
      2. Base (5 mm thick clear acrylic plate)
      3. Array drawing
  • Tweezers or an absorbent resin tool can be used to place Crystal glasses in the laser-engraved recesses.
  • The bonding of Crystal glasses to the base is done with an adhesive.

  Notes, etc.

    Convertible Image Data

Available image data are jpeg, png and gif.


The more detailed the expression, the greater the number of crystals used. Also, due to the limited variety of the highest quality European Crystal glasses used, it may not be possible to achieve the level of detail requested.

If you contact us, we will create a crystal mosaic transformation image, so you can see the completed image.

  the highest quality European Crystal glasses

    Irodory uses the highest quality European Crystal glasses as follows,

  • Crystal glass which has passed the highest quality class "Ultra Clear" according to ISO IWA08 standards.
  • Crystal glass which is lead-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Crystal glass in 75 different colors.
  • Crystal glass in sizes of 3.0 to 3.2 mm or 1.7 to 1.9 mm.

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